To hide or not to hide

I couldn’t bring myself to say it. The action itself felt cringeworthy, it wasn’t me. Saying it meant I wasted years establishing myself as a tsundere character, only for me to break it by saying corny words while crying. As I was still deciding whether to say it or not, I looked at my dad’s face and I saw that he didn’t want to lose.


This is my Beehive

Therefore, I have always admired the ones who have seemed to master the art of multisquading. You know the ones who have conquered small talk like no man’s business: leading conversations like they are descendants of Greek gods, switching accents like they took a Kung fu class on it, and enlarging their social circles like they want to takeover the Kadarshian empire.

Lil Booties Matter

Anyways, back to my Solange and Beyoncé representation. I actually like being Solange, if I am honest to myself, I never really was Beyoncé . No one is, not even Beyoncé. But as much as I like it, I find myself thinking those padded tights are not a bad option, I mean aren’t push-up bras considered normal?Although, I find it scary that some people are pressured enough to get surgery. The only difference between me and them is: 1.I’m broke 2. I don’t think it’s that serious 3.Oh hell no! 4.I’m still broke.

Dear Music Lovers

How dare someone look down on the artistic works of Lil uzi vert ( a contemporary artist that discusses socially relevant issues), or Migos ( a renowned trio that has graced us with insurmountable flows *and hoes) , or Future ( even his name says it all)? *takes a deep breath* Trap: a genre of music that defines this generation, ArtisTrap and TrapisArt.

About Me

Back to the topic, I mean do I come right out and say I am a deranged excessive hermit, or that I am a congenial beautiful person inside and out ? *takes a deep breath and swoons from too much self love* I know I can,but I won’t. In fact, I refuse to.Why? No fun doing things in such manner.